A Guide to Creating Unique Landing Pages for Niche Businesses

Niche businesses are simultaneously easier to market, and more difficult to market. You have fewer competitors to compete with for the attention and custom of your customers, yes, but you also have a smaller customer pool. You can try to diversify, but then you need to find new ways to explain to the public what your niche business is and why they need it. All that, of course, is if you are in a niche that has a clearly defined purpose. You can also create a niche business that is unique and new, in which case introducing yourself and your concept, on top of gaining the attention of the public, is going to be one of the biggest difficulties that you have.

Being easily found and explaining the different components of your business are all effortlessly done with well-crafted landing pages. With unique, interesting landing pages, you can attract those looking for your business and better explain to newcomers why they need you all at once. Crafting landing pages, however, can be tricky. You need to go in with a clearly defined purpose and ensure that each landing page offers multiple benefits. You need landing pages for SEO, for marketing campaigns, to break down information and so much more. A well-crafted landing page is just one component of a well-crafted business model, and with this guide, you will know everything there is to know to boost your niche business once and for all.

Everything You Need to Know About Landing Pages

Before we begin on the steps necessary to create a great landing page, we are going to get into the why. This will help you better strategize and, in turn, create a landing page that works towards your goals.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page can be your business’s home page, product page, services page, or location page on your website. A landing page can be any page (not post) you want it to be. That isn’t to say every web page is a landing page. The difference is their purpose. A landing page is at the end of a long journey. Perhaps this journey is through a search engine, or through social media marketing, or even through referrals. Regardless of which path they take, the landing page should be the destination that has all the answers. That is why they are one of the last components you need to formulize. Creating your brand, marketing campaigns, SEO strategy, and PR strategy must always come first. This is the best, and really the only way that you can ensure your landing page fulfills all the promises you have made.

What are Landing Pages Used For?

A landing page is used as the final destination for a variety of channels. The most common landing page of all is the homepage, but in reality, any page can be useful, depending on your goal.

Marketing Campaigns

Have a new product you want to launch? A new service? Opening a new location or perhaps having a sale? These are all instances that warrant a marketing campaign, which is why it is worthwhile to create a unique landing page for this purpose. That way, all the answers and promises are fulfilled in an instant. For example, say you are marketing a new product. You should create a landing page that is optimized with keywords that relate to that product. This page should have everything your customer needs to know, be interactive, engaging and work to sell your potential customer on your new item.



Landing pages can also be very useful for improving your local SEO strategy. Location pages or service pages are great for boosting your ranking and making it easier for people to find your business.

Why Do You Need Unique Landing Pages?

Everything you publish must be unique and individually optimized. Google and other search engines will penalize you for duplicating content, and customers won’t appreciate the lack of effort. Always go through the extra effort of making each landing page feel different – it will go a long way with your customers, and your search engine ranking.


What Does a Great Landing Page Have?

A landing page has a few key components, regardless of its purpose.

Message Match

The message must match either the search term used to get there (as in the case with PPC marketing) or the message given in your marketing campaign.

A Video

Video is big with marketing and can help attract more viewers and customers. Product demos are especially useful to give users a better idea of how to use your product and how well it works first-hand.


SEO Keywords

Investigate keywords to ensure that your landing page can be found by your demographic and that it sounds like it has everything they were looking for.

Trust Signals

Trust signals like client badges, certifications, awards and the like are always useful to have on a landing page, as they can be instrumental in encouraging newcomers to trust your brand.

Mobile Friendly

Whatever you do, your landing page must be mobile-friendly; otherwise, Google will penalize you, and you will ostracize the many people who will be visiting your landing page from their phone.


What Changes with a Niche Businesses?

The only thing that changes with a niche business is that you need to break down your business based on your industry. If you are a landscaping business that specializes in tree grafting, you should have multiple landing pages that explain the process, the services and the locations you serve. Break them down so that the public can find the answer they are looking for with a targeted search.

Types of Landing Pages

Before you get started with creating landing pages, you need to know the different types. A landing page can and should be designed to work with every goal you have for your business. To give you a better idea of what a landing page could be, here is just a small list of the different types out there:

Product Landing Pages

A product landing page should be created for every single product, but where you advertise this landing page needs to be strategic. Comparison guides, product roundup posts, guest posts and similar informative articles can be a great leading point to a product page. Product landing pages like this are also useful for those searching directly for your product in question on search engines.

Location Landing Pages

Location landing pages should outline where your business is and what it does. Think of it as a homepage with a location focus. One unique location landing page should be created for every area you service or every store you operate. This is great for local SEO and will help customers in your area find you faster.

Event Landing Pages

Have an event or a one-off promotion? Create a unique landing page for that event that advertises it, is informative and encourages either a sale or a sign-up right from the bat. These pages are best at the end of a marketing campaign and can help boost visibility and signups.


Service Landing Pages

You should have a landing page for every service you offer. It keeps it clean, helps you go into depth into what the service is, how much it costs and what you offer. It is also ideal for local businesses that only have one location.

Informative Landing Pages

Landing pages don’t have to be pages; they can also be posts and guides. These informative pages are used to attract users and are the start of the buying cycle and can help solidify your brand as one of quality and authority.

How to Create Unique Landing Pages for Niche Businesses

You need unique landing pages for multiple purposes, and you should not assume that a landing page you created in the past for a previous goal is useful now. This does not mean you scrap an old landing page just because it’s slightly out of touch. Instead, update it. This is great for SEO and will save you a lot of effort.

When you do need to update or create a new landing page for your niche business, then you are going to want to:

Know Your Strengths

Your strengths are highlight features that you can advertise on your site. Start first with your homepage and make your strengths visible. Baling Wire Direct, for example, proudly states who they are, what they do and their strengths as the first thing you see on their page. Only as you go down further do you see their products and offerings. It is a good idea to create landing pages that break down these strengths as well. If your business is sustainable or your products are made in America, then create a page that talks about that and explores those strengths in greater detail. It is a good trust signal and can be great for SEO.

Decide Which Landing Pages You Need

You can create a landing page for everything under the sun, but when you are first revamping your website or starting a new campaign, you are going to want to focus on what you need most. A great homepage is a must. Location pages are a must. Service pages are a must. Those three should be prioritized when revamping your website. From there, create landing pages as you need them. If you have a marketing campaign for a new product, then create a landing page to correspond with your campaign.

Conduct Keyword Research

In order to hit the right message and improve visibility on search results, you need to conduct keyword research. Be sure to focus on keywords and search phrases that are used in your area. People call the same item different things depending on their county or country, and in some cases, people in the same city might call the same item different things. Knowing what your customers are searching for, and knowing how they are searching for it, means that you can optimize your landing pages to reflect their search intent better.

Conduct Competitor Research

It never hurts to see what your competitors are doing, especially if they are successful. If a company is hosting an event, see how their marketing campaign aligns with their chosen landing page. Take notes, copy what you like, improve where you see improvements can be made, and be a better company for it.

Create Your Marketing Campaigns

To really nail a marketing campaign, the final destination needs to feel like a great payoff. In most cases, this will be the landing page. It needs to be big, beautiful and very easy to digest. It also needs to fulfill all the promises of the marketing campaign, and make it easy to sign up, buy, get in touch or visit your business.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Landing Page

Now that you have a great campaign and a landing page to go with it, all that is left is to actually drive traffic. With all the tools in place, you have everything that you need to succeed, but landing on that right message will still take time, patience and adjustments.

Each marketing campaign is going to be unique, so pick and choose suggestions to suit your goals best:


1.    Share Landing Page on Your Social Media

Creating a social media campaign can be a big or small feat, and a great way to get the ball rolling is to simply announce the new landing page and its purpose to your followers. More advanced social media marketing methods will include a paid ad that users can select directly from the app, but you do want to be careful. When paying for marketing, you don’t want to go for the hard sale unless you are already a big, established brand. Instead, go for a soft sale – a sign-up can help you grow your customer base better than a one-off sale, and a great landing page can help you get it.

2.    Create and Maintain a Quality Newsletter

One of the benefits of signing up to your site should be a newsletter, where you offer deals, key information and more to your potential customers to add value to their experience and ideally get them to visit your website. In this case, every link you place within that newsletter should act as a landing page. It doesn’t have to be complex, but the page you link to should have all the information promised.

3.    Contribute your Expertise on Third-Party Sites

You can use your expertise to gain guest posting opportunities. Use these opportunities to introduce a topic or yourself and create and optimize landing pages to correspond with your goals.


4.    Host Talks and Get Your Face Out There

The real-life version of guest posts are talks. Getting a position as a guest speaker is a great way to further your brand, but you do need to be careful. As users cannot just click on a hyperlink, you need to make the links you want people to visit very easy to remember and spell. Customize the URL for these landing pages accordingly, and consider adding a discount to audience members, so you know the impact your talk had on signups, subscriptions, or sales.

5.    Host Programs, Workshops, and Courses

Alternatively, you could host your own programs, workshops, or courses. This is a great way to boost your reputation and your authority in the industry, especially if your business is based around your expertise.

6.    PPC Marketing

Back to old-school tactics is PPC marketing. Used mostly on search engines and social media, PPC marketing is how you can get people to click directly on the landing link in question. You need to be careful, however, and really understand what the search intent is for the keywords or clicks you buy. On search engines, in particular, there are a variety of search intents. A customer might only want to learn more about a product, rather than buy it. Others might be in the comparison stage, and others might know exactly what they want. You need a landing page for each buying cycle step you want to attract, and to do that, you need to really invest in keyword research and in demographic research.

7.    SEO

PPC marketing is instant. SEO is long-term. Creating landing pages for the goal of local SEO is one of the smartest moves you can make. If you have a location-based business, it means you are more likely to be found if someone is searching for your business type in their city. It means that you can rise to the top of Google with less effort, just by being specific with the areas that you service or where you are located and having a landing page dedicated to your location.

What to Remember

Landing pages must be unique, and they must have a purpose. You can make any page a landing page by directing people to it, yes, but it is in your best interest to create or update pages to specifically work in line with your marketing campaign or goal. Unique landing pages are the most effective kind of page, and with this guide, you have everything you need to start creating successful landing pages, starting now.

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