8 Link Building Mistakes Every SEO Beginner should Avoid

Link building is an important SEO technique to get your site ranked for keyword. However, when it is not done correctly, it can easily have your page de-indexed by the search engines. To avoid having your site black listed by committing these SEO mistakes, you should read this useful link building guide to get rewarded for your search engine optimization efforts.

Mistake 1 – High Link Velocity

High link velocity is a common SEO mistake that could result in a search engine penalty. Creating hundreds of links per day could raise red flags for the search engine. They look at the excessive link building with suspicion and send a warning in case they think you are ‘artificially’ trying to manipulate the rankings. The best advice, particularly for every SEO beginners, is to create a few high quality links that point back to your site. As your website readership will grow, your links will grow naturally as people share the link on social media sites. This will in turn result in increased search engine ranking.

Mistake 2 – Submitting Links with ‘No Follow’ Attribute

Another common SEO mistake is submitting links with ‘no follow’ attribute. Keep in mind that not all sites display links in a way that passes the ‘link juice’ to your website. Some sites would add a ‘no follow’ attribute to your back link. That’s why it’s important that you check the website publishing on the site to ensure that it doesn’t have a ‘no follow’ attribute. You can do this by right clicking on the link and click on ‘Inspect Element’.

Mistake 3 – Posting Posts Containing Backlink to Irrelevant Website

Another mistake relates to posting the content containing the backlink to irrelevant sites. Again, this will only make your SEO activity worthless without resulting in improved rankings. Links from irrelevant site will decrease your online reputation.

Mistake 4 – Purchasing the Links

Buying links is another common SEO mistake that should be avoided at all costs. Up until the release of Google Panda updates (2012), buying link was not considered an SEO crime. However, after the Panda update, Google started penalizing sites that purchase or sell links for manipulating the rankings.

Mistake 5 – Not Including ALT text Image

Alt image attribute should contain the keyword. Sometimes this is the only possibility to obtain a back link particularly if the site changes the link attribute to ‘no follow’. So, you should not overlook this option when building links for a website.

Mistake 5 – Posting Links to Pages that Are Not Crawled by Search Engine Bots

Posting links on sites that are not listed by the search engine is another common mistake that you should avoid. This is particularly a problem with link exchange sites. Also, links placed on dynamic or flash pages that aren’t crawled by the search engine bots will not provide ‘link juice’ to your site.

Mistake 6 – Posting Links on Poor Quality Sites

Linking sites with low page authority will pass on bad reputation to your site. Instead, you should always post the content containing the backlink on highly reputable sites. The sites should have a high page and domain authority that you can check using various free online tools.

Mistake 7 – Irrelevant Anchor Texts

Using irrelevant anchor texts may get you penalized. Remember that search engines are on a look out for manipulative link building activities. So, it’s important that you include relevant anchor texts in the content to decrease the chase of receiving the dreaded Google penalty.

Mistake 8 – Not Using Junk Anchor Text

Links with the text ‘buy now’ and ‘click here’ are known as call to action. In SEO terminology, however, they are better known as ‘junk links’. You should not overlook using the junk links for two reasons: they look natural and count as link by the search engine and Panda 3.4 update algorithm actually counts the junk links in the content and ensure that it is relevant.

By reading the useful link building guide, you can successfully build reputation of your website. Just keep in mind that any activity that looks artificial or manipulative in the eyes of the search engine should be avoided.

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