8 Funny Things Found in Container Auctions

If your home has become full of clutter, you might need to rent a storage container to store the belongings you don’t want to throw away. Sometimes, all it takes is a thorough spring clean to make a home nice and tidy again, but oftentimes, people have belongings they really want to keep hold of but simply don’t have the required storage space in their home. Of course, you might be able to ask loved ones to store belongings for a short space of time, but that’s rarely a viable long-term option.

Fortunately, container storage in Perth is affordable and reliable, and there are many companies that offer such a service for you to compare. However, with security and location being two of the most important factors to consider, it can be hard to make the right choice.


If you’re looking for affordable container storage in Perth, WA, you need to ensure the company you choose takes their job seriously. You might think it’s best to save cash by simply choosing the closest facility to your home, but choosing a slightly more expensive, extra-secure unit a little further away may be more beneficial.

As you’re probably aware, some storage containers get sold at auction if the owner fails to meet payments, and you’ll certainly be shocked by some of the items that have previously been left behind.

Believe It Or Not

Below, we’ve listed some of the craziest things that have been found in storage containers sold at auction.

  • A relative’s body – Though this sounds rather disgusting, an elderly corpse was once found in a container located in Florida.
  • A live hand grenade – Perhaps the most dangerous item on our list, a live hand grenade was once found in a container that had been sold at an auction in Michigan.
  • Michael Jackson songs – Finding Michael Jackson tracks isn’t that strange, but it becomes a little stranger when the songs had never been released before, as was the case when a container was auctioned in the USA.
  • Burt Reynold’s belongings – Burt Reynolds is famous for being an eccentric character, and one lucky person who bought his storage container became the owner of a horse carriage he owned that was built by Dolly Parton.
  • NASA technology – Another container in Florida contained a NASA rocket and countdown clock.
  • An expensive comic – A million-dollar comic stolen from Nicholas Cage was found in an abandoned storage unit.
  • Lots of cash – A San Jose man paid $1,100 dollars for a container that contained thousands of dollars in rare coins.
  • Dream cars – A Bugatti 57S, worth $9 million, was found in an English storage unit.

Needless to say, you’re probably thinking of renting a storage unit in order to keep your belongings secure, and that means you need to find the very best storage facility in your area by comparing providers thoroughly.

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