7 Reasons why a Car Engine is Overheating

Do you know what the causes of overheating engine in car are? The normal temperature of a car engine is 195 – 220 Fahrenheit. This temperature is designed in order to help the car control its fuel and maintain its performance. Nevertheless, sometimes the engine becomes hotter than usual. When it happens, your car could be in enormous danger. The overheating is caused by declining cooling system. When it happens, the cooling system won’t be able to absorb, deliver, and also dispel the heat. If this is happening, the engine eventually loses its power. In other words, the engine will detonates and breaks the pistons, rod bearing, and even the rings. Overheating also causes the head of the gasket to blow and break the overhead cam. Then you may visit this site to discover more tips about car maintenance.


The first thing that you must check is the thermostat. The overheating can damage the thermostat in your car. You can check this part by starting the engine. The radiator hose should not be hot until you have warmed up the engine.

The second thing that you must check is the cooling system. You have to make sure that there is no leak. The leak is one of the most common causes of overheating. The leak includes water pump, hoses, head gasket, radiator, thermostat housing, and so forth. You should conduct a visual inspection on the cooling system. You can apply pressure test to make sure if there is an internal leak.

You need to make sure that there isn’t any leak in the head gasket since it costs a lot of money to repair this. You can seal the leak in the cooling system by applying a sealer product on top of it. However, if the leak is bad, you should replace it with the new one.  The next that you should check is the fan. Normally, a fan can overcome overheating problem. For that reason, 50% of cooling system depends on this fan. This problem affects the driving efficiency each year. The car engine losses 200 rpm each year, and eventually you can no longer use your cooling system. The leak may also happen to the water pump. You can find out about the pump by looking at the impeller and then you need to replace the water pump.  After that, you can continue checking the belt tension. The loose in the belt, unable the water pumps to circulate the coolant properly. When it comes to overheating, you must pay attention if there is any leak and bring it to the reparation center. Moreover, you can also prevent causes of overheating engine in car by checking on the engine regularly.

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