6 Great Medical Careers You Can Get With a Bachelor Degree

If you’ve set your heart on working in the medical field but have neither the funds nor the desire to study for the many years it takes to become a doctor, there are many other excellent medical careers that you can get with just a bachelor degree. Here are six of the top medical careers you can get with a bachelor degree.

1. Medical Perfusionist

Perfusionists are professionals who operate the necessary machines that control a patient’s circulation and respiratory function during surgery. A professional perfusionist will monitor blood pressure, heart rate, blood gases and respiratory rate in an operating theatre.

Some perfusionists also work in Intensive Care Units. A bachelor’s degree in health studies is required for this position, as well as perfusionist certification. The average salary for a perfusionist is around $94,000.

2. Radiologist

Radiologists or Diagnostic Imaging Directors average a salary of around $76,000 per annum. They are in charge of interpreting imaging techniques such as x-rays, CT scans, MRIs and ultrasound. Most Imaging Directors will also oversee staff to ensure correct standards in imaging are being achieved.

To gain a position as a radiologist you will need a bachelors in radiologic sciences or an equivalent. You can even obtain your radiologic sciences degree online while you’re already working in the medical field in a less specialized position.

3. Radiation Therapist

As a Radiation Therapist you will be responsible for administering radiation treatments to patients with active cancer cells. Radiation Therapists are responsible for ensuring that the equipment which delivers the radiation treatment is working optimally and delivers the treatment with targeted precision.

You can expect to earn around $75,000 as a Radiation Therapist and can work in a hospital, a cancer center or an outpatient clinic.

4. Clinical Trial Manager

Clinical Trial managers are responsible for overseeing clinical trials of drug therapies and other medical trials. You can expect to earn around $92,000 as a Clinical Trial manager.

This position may also be referred to as a Clinical Research manager and may require a master’s degree. It is also necessary to be completely familiar with FDA regulations and in-house protocols in relation to these trials.

5. Cytotechnologist

Cytotechnologist works mainly in research and study cells and cellular anomalies. They play a vital role in diagnosing diseases in the early stages of development. There is a growing demand for Cytotechnologists as research into genetics continues to grow and advance.

Cytotechnologists have been instrumental in the early detection of cancer, hereditary and infectious diseases. These professionals earn around $61,000 per year.

6. Transplant Coordinator

As a Transplant Coordinator you would be responsible for the management of organ transplants. Your tasks could include the evaluation of a suitable donor, the pre-transplant workup and also post-surgical care and follow up.

To work as a Transplant Coordinator you would need a bachelor degree in a medically related field and can expect to earn around $76,000 per year.

These are just some of the excellent careers which are available in the medical field and which can be obtained with a bachelor degree.

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