5 Ways to Practice Self-Care Without Having To Spend a Dime

Think of yourself as a plant.  In order to be the best version of yourself, it’s critical that you give yourself what you need to thrive.  It’s up to you to make sure that you give yourself the love that you deserve.

When you practice self-care, the more equipped that you are to handle all sorts of situations.  Without refilling your own cup and continuously tending to others’, you’ll eventually reach an empty tank- and ultimately lack happiness. 

Here are some of the best ways to be kind to yourself and provide what you need to be a better person.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

Sleep may seem like a luxury for many people with a busy lifestyle.  However, sleep is a critical part of our well-being. Many people fail to see the importance of a good nights rest in their lives.  Deficiency of sleep doesn’t just lead to lack of clarity, but it can start to affect your ability to be happy. So, put on a comfortable onesie and get cozy!

Try to make an effort to organize your life so that you get at least eight hours of sleep every night.  You may find that it helps with a variety of health issues too. When your body sleeps, it has the time to rejuvenate itself and become stronger. 

Surround Yourself With People And Things You Love

If you lack happiness in your life, ask yourself how much you’re surrounding yourself with things that you love.  Limit your exposure to things that spark negativity or stress. Instead, make it a priority to nourish your soul with fulfilling activities and people.

Spend more time with your family, enjoy more of your favorite activities, and take time to nurture your passions! 

Declutter Your Home

Clutter is more than a visual distraction.  It can start to take up inventory in our brains.  When we look around and see cleared surfaces, we feel clarity.  We remain in a state of being constructive rather than feeling guilty about the mess we’ve been putting off. 

Give yourself the gift of a clean home. Organize your life and purge things that you don’t need.  You’ll feel your life transform as a result. 

Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is the gift that keeps on giving.  When we take time to celebrate things that we appreciate, more and more seem to pop up. Gratitude is a powerful emotion that allows space in our lives for more. 

When we are only focused on what we don’t have, we fail to see everything that we do have. 


Meditation doesn’t mean going to the nearest temple and burning a stick of incense.  Meditation can be done anywhere at any time.  

The idea is to slow down your thoughts and avoid distractions, that’s it!  Think of it as a break for your brain.  Your brain needs a rest now and then to stay sane! 

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