5 Top Health Benefits of Kayaking

If you are a kayak enthusiast and consider it as an immense entertaining outdoor activity, then you must be impressed to know that while kayaking, you, in fact, undergo a comprehensive workout session. This amazing open air activity offers complete fitness of body and mind and better than any outdoor workout courses.  While you paddle, navigate through the serene or fast water current, every part of your body as well as mind get physical and mental nourishment.


Growing up in the wonderful city Ventura situated between LA and Santa Barbara in CA, Anouk Govil a brilliant student of Biology has learned the best ways of entertaining the blue beach lifestyle. Whether it’s kayaking, surfing, snorkeling, canoeing or sun tanning she enjoy every moment of life through varieties of outdoors related to water life. She is great singer and often found singing in open music events. She is also a great photographer and if you like to see her expertise in photography just have to look to her personal blog or social media sites.

Kayak – A complete Workout

  • Flatten, Tone and Shape Your Tummy

While kayaking, in order to move over the water surface you require rowing that advance your boat. Paddling is a wonderful activity that demands good amount of physical strength. As you paddle on both sides, the process puts pressure on your tummy making it well shaped, flatten and muscles stronger.

  • Upper Body Workout

No matter, where you are kayaking as you glide through, the water creates a resistance. The fight with the water strengthen all your body parts including chest, shoulders, arms as well, the entire upper body. Thus, it’s considered as an incredible upper body aerobic.

  • Strengthen leg Muscles

Despite the fact that paddling is intimately associated with upper-body potency, however, legs are also involved in this activity since it supports as you start paddling. The movement of the kayak, steering and rotating of the boat needs full assistance of leg muscle power.

  • Beneficial for Your Cardiac Health

As you start picking up the pace of your kayak movement, it will automatically uplift the heart rate which is extremely valuable for cardiac health. As per calculation, the activity help you burn over 400 to 500 calories per hour depending upon the speed you maintain.

  • Stress reliever

As a stress reliever, all activities that you perform relating to kayaking are simply matchless. In different researches it has been found that paddling is extremely helpful to relinquish your mental as well as emotional stress. As per Anouk Govil the CA based kayak passionate that following her hectic week, kayaking is all that makes her mind tranquil, cool and relaxed.

Opposed to any other outdoor activities, the specialty of kayaking is that paddling is a low impact job. If you consider brisk walk or running like courses, these are more demanding on your ankles, knees and joint tissues. Even though, all your body muscles including legs get good physical nourishment during kayaking, but they make reduced impact.

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