5 Tips to Relocate Your Business Office

With no doubt, the easiest way to relocate your office is to hire professional office movers. But even before you hire experts for additional help, there are still some steps that you need to make on your own. Below we prepared five simple tips that will help you avoid stress and mess during the relocation of a business office.


  1. Make a schedule

There is no secret that coordination of a move is one of the most challenging things to do. This is why it is so important to create a schedule of your relocation. Professional office movers from Edmonton advise to start from evaluating your company’s current situation and to consider the new layout of a new space to understand how much you can take with you. Based on this you can start planning your budget. After that start talking to your employees and get them ready for the relocation. Make sure that all these steps you make 4-6 months prior to the moving day.

  1. Allocate resources accordingly

Make sure to have a closer second look on the budget. Consider everything you will need money for: from hiring professional office movers in Edmonton to hiring a cleaning company. After you create a list of expenses ask for some assistance from your employees because a fresh look at your situation may find gaps in your plan.

  1. Hire movers and cleaners

Make sure that you give a notice to all services you are planning to work with, including the need to contact professional movers in Edmonton no later than a month prior to your relocation. It is of utmost importance to book the required dates beforehand not to find out yourself without professional help. Be ready that ends of every month as well as late summer and early autumn are the busiest days for office movers, so try to avoid this time.

  1. Update your information

This step should also be made no later than a month before the relocation. As your business is moving you should make sure that everyone knows about it. Start from informing your clients and partners. After that make sure to call your vendors so that they can alter your billing and shipping address before your move. If you are planning to buy new furniture for your new office then this is a perfect time to start installing it so that everything get perfect by the time of your office’s move.

  1. Update your website and business cards

You have already given notices about your office relocation to clients and partners, but people tend to forget about such things. The exerts from Alberta-Movers.com Spruce Grove moving company say that you need to remind all of them several times via email, for instance. Send several letters with new information. Make sure to update your website as well as business cards.

With the help of these tips and carful planning you will be able to do just fine before your professional office movers in Edmonton show up on your porch.

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