5 Things Not to Do When Behind the Wheel to Avoid an Accident

If you think that there are only 5 things that you should not do while you are behind the wheel, you would be incorrect! This article will cover the less-obvious things you shouldn’t be doing while driving, rather than the completely obvious, such as eating, sleeping, putting on makeup, reading, and so on.

This list will cover things you likely do without thinking! Not only will you risk getting into an accident, you will also likely be at fault if anyone saw you – even if you weren’t technically at fault. Doing any of these 5 things will increase your chances of being in a car accident and also make it difficult for an attorney to plead your case.

These things include:

  • Changing the Radio Station and Adjusting the Volume
  • Lighting a Cigarette
  • Adjusting the Air Flow and Temperature
  • Talking on a Cellphone, Even on Bluetooth
  • Crying (Under the Influence of Emotions)

Taking a Hand Off of the Wheel

Whether you are changing a radio station, adjusting the volume, lighting a cigarette, or adjusting the air, you are taking a hand off the wheel and directing your attention elsewhere. You need to be sure that your attention is on the road – each aspect requires your full attention!


Talking on a Cellphone, Even on Bluetooth

Bluetooth technology is great, right? You can keep your eyes firmly locked on the road and keep both hands on the steering wheel. But, there are actually a few reasons you want to avoid using Bluetooth while you are on the road and behind the wheel.

First, conversations are distracting. Sure, your eyes are on the road in front of you, but when you are trying to listen, speak, or think critically (in preparation for a response) you aren’t minding your rearview mirror, your side view mirror, or anything in your peripheral. Your focus is mostly on the conversation and slightly on the road in front of you. There is a lot you can miss that isn’t on the road directly in front of you.

Secondly, voice command is only great when it works. If you are shouting out commands to it and it isn’t responding correctly, you are putting a lot of focus into making sure you are heard and understood, not focused on your driving.

Crying While Driving (Under the Influence of Emotions)

If you are upset… to the point of crying, you should not be behind the wheel of a vehicle. Feelings and memories that make you distraught are incredibly distracting. You likely replay the memory over and over in your head and putting a lot of focus into not crying over it. Ultimately, you are removing your focus from the road entirely.

What to Do When All Else Fails

If you do get into an accident, it is important that you get in touch with a lawyer right away. If you need a Louisiana car accident lawyer, be sure to find someone that will take your case seriously and help you, even if you were distracted while driving. Everyone makes mistakes, you shouldn’t have to pay for yours for a lifetime.

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