5 Things to Consider When Buying Used Industrial Equipment

If you decided that you business needs industrial equipment to proceed in operation, but your budget is tight, then looking for used pieces can be a perfect way out. Below we propose you five main things to consider when buying used industrial equipment for your business.


  1. Check the fluids

Experts advise to have a look a machine’s fluids in order to get an insight look into not only the current condition of the machine, but also at its maintenance. It is basically the easiest way to evaluate condition of a machine, whether forklifts or floor scrubber machines. If you see some bad fluids of a wrong color or consistence, then experts advise to either get lower price for a piece or even consider a different seller.

  1. Operating hours

The number of hours a machine has been in operation mode and the number of miles are two great starting points. Every industrial unit has its own limit of operating hours. If you believe or suspect that a unit is at its upper limit, go for a quick cost/benefit calculation in order not to get a machine that will not work for long. In this way you can also understand how much money you are able to save on purchasing a used unit because the game might not worth the candle.

  1. Maintenance Record

It is of utmost importance to ask the seller about the maintenance schedule because it is one of the basic means of evaluating machine’s condition. Maintenance needs of a piece include fluids change, small repairs, serious repairs, etc. Make sure to ask whether there were any major problems with a machine in its operating life.

  1. Signs of wear

Every single used unit will have some wear signs and your job as a buyer is to identify them. It is not a car, so a couple of scratches mean nothing here. But if you find hairline cracks, signs of rust, or major damage then you should understand that some bigger problems may become more clear in the future. Furthermore, if there is anything you need to do right now, be aware that this is additional costs for a machine so consider reasonability of such a purchase.

Some other places to pay attention to include tires and undercarriage on tracked vehicles. Both of these parts are pretty expensive to replace and repair so make sure they are fine.

  1. Engine exhaust

The easiest way to evaluate engine condition of a machine is to simply turn it on and run a little. Exactly the first several minutes of operation will tell you the most information about a unit because when the engine is cold all the problems become much more vivid. Pay also attention to the color of the exhaust.

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