5 Software Tricks Everyone In The Fitness Industry Should Be Using

People like to say 9 out of 10 businesses fail, but it’s only showing you half the picture. It could be worse depending on which industry you’re in. For example, everyone knows it’s highly unlikely a restaurant will succeed. You could have said the same about fitness-related businesses in the past.

Luckily it’s better for them now because of the technology available today. You must be wondering what differences software has made. Some of them are only small, but minor things are sometimes the difference between success and failure. Here is what you would never have had access to in the past.

Keep An Eye On Your Key Metric

There is one key metric when you don’t have any clients and only a simple sales funnel. You’ll want to know how many prospects turn into paying clients, which you’ll be able to find out easily using the right fitness software.

Once you have this number you’ll be able to tweak it until your conversion rate increases. You will soon have more than enough clients. Leave other important metrics like your retention rate until you deal with this one.

Sell Products On Your Website

Everyone involved in fitness should have a basic website, which clients will be able to visit. It doesn’t matter if you’re a massive gym, personal trainer, or anything in between like someone who holds classes.

With a website you’ll be able to sell physical products, with supplements being a good example. You don’t even have to own them and can make money as an affiliate. You won’t become rich through this approach, but every little adds up.

Start Using The Scarcity Principle

The scarcity principle is nothing new and you don’t even need software in order to take advantage of it. You could simply say you’re selling a product or service at a reduced price and give people a date when the sale ends.

Fortunately software has taken scarcity to the next level and it’s making fitness businesses a lot of money. You’ll be able to display a countdown timer, which will make people even more desperate not to miss the deal.

Social Media Is Really Important

Business owners are often accused of wasting time on social media apps, but it’s only when they’re not doing something productive. You can use it to showcase things you wouldn’t have been able to a few years ago.

We’re going to focus on Instagram, because Facebook won’t show most followers your posts unless you pay ad money. You’ll be able to show how great you are helping clients get results by posting before and after photos on Instagram.

Always Send Out Weekly Reminders

If you run a weekly class you’ll motivate much more people to turn up. For example, martial arts school software could send members an email the day before a class mentioning something that will get them excited.

When your classes stay full, your bank account follows suit. It’s something you couldn’t really do without software unless you liked wasting money and licking stamps. You can send a mass email in a few minutes.

Choose How Much You Want To Earn

The software available today gives you everything you’ll need to earn lots of money. It’s only going to help you succeed if you use it. Although it will take a while to grasp a few things don’t give up when it gets frustrating.

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