5 Principals for Work At Home

Culture of “work at home” is rapidly increasing in today’s world. It gives you flexibility of working hours along with ease and comfort. But some challenges can push this working model towards failure.

If you want to avail and enjoy the offer of your company to work at home, following 5 principals can make you successful in your career .


  1. Make a Checklist

When you work from office, you have a well prepared “to do list” for the day. In most of the companies, your boss conduct a morning meeting in which this to do list is discussed, filtered, prioritized and well sorted.

On the contrary, when you work at home, you generally work without checklist because there is no boss for morning meeting.

This is the 1st mistake which fails this lucrative working model.

Checklist helps you in many ways including let you plan your day effectively, let you prioritize your tasks, helps you to manage your time effectively which increases your productivity. It is therefore essential to make a “to do list” every day before starting your work.

  1. Selection of Work Station

Sitting anywhere in the home for completing office work is not recommended. Wrong selection of space can create regular disturbances in your work and/or can shift your focus.

You must choose a peaceful or isolated area of your home to turn into a work station. You should make it proper work station with all the necessary requirements including working table, chair, computer, lighting, internet connection etc. It is merely impossible to be productive without general working facilities while you work at home.

  1. Scheduling

Your pets, kids and family members will always find you at home in this working model. Obviously this is the best part of the “work at home” model because of which it is getting popularity across the world.

But there is also another side of the coin. When all will find you at home all the time, they will demand your time with them. You will also love to spend ample amount of time with them. It will surely affect your productivity negatively.

Proper scheduling is the only solution of this challenge. Only you know it better when your pet sleeps and you can work peacefully. Only you know the school timings of your children when you can give long peaceful sitting for your work.

Most of the time, you know in advance about your outings, parties, festivals and other social occasions which will affect your work. As you know all these in advance, so you have complete control in your hands to prepare your proper work schedule in advance to complete the assigned tasks on time.

  1. Focus

When you work from home, there is no direct supervisor over you due to which many times your time goes waste in other activities.

Keep your TV, Facebook, Whatsapp, mobile phone etc. switch off while you work. These can distract you very much from the work and can push you in difficult situations to meet the deadlines.

  1. Review

Always review your work before submission. It will help you to correct the errors and make the quality of your work superior.

When you will submit good quality work on time, then nobody can snatch the availed opportunity of work from home.

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