5 Graphics You Should Learn to Design to Help Your Business in 2017

While it’s a great idea to hire a graphic design agency to professionally design your graphics, it could prove to be an even better idea to learn how to design them yourself. Not only will you save thousands every year when it comes to marketing your brand, but you’ll also find it’s the way forward if you want graphics designed quickly. If you’re looking at hiring a designer this year to design the graphics you require, make sure you attempt to design them yourself first to see what you can come up with. There are many graphics types when it comes to design, but if you can learn to design the ones below, you will find you will be able to save your business thousands every year.


Icons can be as simple as you want when it comes to design, and even some of the best icon designs in the world are minimal. Icons can really make any website stand out from the rest so it’s important you spend the time learning how to design them to save your business thousands of dollars every year.


It can cost hundreds, if not thousands, alone on just hiring a company to design your advertisement banners so you can market your business using advertising platforms such as Google AdSense. If you learn how to design banners yourself, you’ll find your business will not only save loads of money, but you will get the banners designed exactly how you want them.


Desktop wallpapers aren’t necessarily going to benefit your business a huge amount, but if you can create your own wallpaper, you’ll find it will make your business computers look much more professional – and it will also give you a great experience in learning to design other graphics.


To design a good logo does take a creative genius, but there’s nothing stopping you from coming up with minimal logos to help your business succeed. Businesses will often use the same logo throughout their establishment, but there’s nothing wrong with coming up with a different design once in a while. Logos can be very expensive to have designed professionally so it could be one of the best graphics to learn to design this year.

Leaflet Design

A great method of traditional marketing is to take advantage of leaflets to give out to your potential customers locally. Leaflets can, again, be very expensive to get professionally designed, especially if you are looking to start several marketing strategies based on leaflets in the same year. Be creative and come up with something that works for your business and you’ll find you could save thousands every year on design costs.

You could even go as far as learning to design websites this year as you never know when your website will need to be freshened up to keep up with the modern internet era. There are thousands of resources online when it comes to designing graphics and you should always take advantage of the many tutorials online before you consider hiring a design agency to suit your requirements.

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