5 Easy ways to make money online for Free

There are some legitimate easy ways to make money online for free. However, for the most part, there are no big earnings to be found at one time, so it may take a while to add up to something significant. Regardless, here are a few easy ways to make money online for free:

make money online

  • Surveys: There are a large number of companies that will pay you to take surveys. The amount that you receive for each one is often determined by the length and the complexity, along with how many participants the survey allows. There are some sites on which there is no minimum payment amount, meaning that you could request to be paid after every survey has been credited if you choose to do so. The topics of the surveys can be on anything at all, from habits of your family, to opinions on political issues. Before you take the actual survey, most of the sites will run you through some questions and then let you know if you qualify. I have found that I tend to get rejected for the surveys that pay the most amount of money, but that is usually because they have reached their participant limit. In order to avoid this, when you receive an invitation to take a survey, try to get to it right away.
  • Trial Offers: Similar to the sites that offer paid survey opportunities, there are a number of companies that will pay you to try both free and paid trial offers. The larger money is always in the trial offers that you must pay for, but the good news is that the amount you are paid is usually more than what it cost you. They are banking on the fact that you will choose to continue receiving the product or service, so it is worth their while to give you a few bucks on something that may make them hundreds.
  • Paid to Read Email: These sites actually do pay you, but most of them give you less than 1/4 of a cent to click on the link in your email and go to the advertised website. There are some that offer better pay for the emails that you receive, but they usually have an extremely high payout level. And–if you are not constantly checking your email, they are going to add up very quickly. I went away for a weekend and came home to an inbox with more than 9,000 emails. I was only subscribed to 5 or 6 companies at the time.
  • Blogging: Blogging is one of the best and the eaiest ways of making money online. You can make as much money as you imagine, as there are no limits on the upside. You can most definitely start a blog since it costs you no more than $25. Click here to learn how to get free domain name and free wordpress installation and hosting for the first year for only $25. This is a very special offer only with this link. With blogging you only need to start your own blog on a new domain, install wordpress, start putting up content every day, promote it with easy techniques and promote products from other people for a commission, place advertisements and sell your own products if you have any.
  • Search the Web: There are a variety of sites that will pay you to use their search box while you are on the site, or once you have downloaded it. They typically pay you about 1 cent for each valid search. However, if you spend the entire day inputting one search term after another, they will eventually cancel your account and you lose all of your accumulated earnings.

Not much work is actually required for any of the possibilities listed above. They really are an easy way to make money online for free but they will not make a large contribution to your retirement fund.

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