5 Different kinds of martial arts

There are various systemized and organized combat methods in the world these days, which are known as martial arts. When we think about martial arts, the names of Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Bruce Lee come to our minds. Chan and Li are famous movie stars who have incorporated Chinese martial arts into their movies. Bruce Lee is among the most influential martial artists in the world.

Due to a numerous reasons martial arts are practiced such as physical fitness, self-defense, competition and entertainment. Some people even think of martial arts as a way of attaining spiritual growth. Some martial arts styles are traditional while some are contemporary. Irrespective, all of them are unique in the approach that they give a grounding in fighting, even though there is surely a substantial amount of overlap among them.Numerous people ask about the best style of martial arts out there. Hence in this article I will explain some of the styles of martial arts out there.

  1. Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art style that combines both the attack and self-defence, as a way of exercise and sport. It focuses on quick hand movements and high kicks. It’s based on the belief that legs are the strongest and farthest reaching limbs which a person has. So it can be used as a powerful weapon along with keeping the opponent at a distance. This sport is very effective for enhancing power, agility, balance, endurance and flexibility.


  1. Kickboxing

This style can be for self-defence, sport or fitness. Kickboxing combines knees, head butts, kicks and punches to disarm the attacker or opponent. What could be more effective than swiftly kicking a person’s face? The approach to kickboxing is agility and speed.You must strike before the opponent’sreaction and response. The disadvantage of kickboxing is that slight attention is paid to a person’s self-defence through the course of training. But the benefits of kickboxing are many. You end up having a whole lot of self-confidence in you.

  1. Judo

It’s a competitive sport which originated from Japan. The main objective of this sport is to takedown or throw your opponent for points. Even though it was initially designed for exercise and sport, it has demonstrated to be an effective style of martial art particularly in close combat by the usage of leverage. With proper balance and technique, a person can easily beat a larger opponent. The disadvantage of judo is that there is lack of striking techniques in practice or competition.

  1. Karate

Karate also originated in Japan. Just like judo, it’s also practiced chiefly for sport. It includes the typical punching, elbows, kicking, and also involves open hand techniques. The foremost focus of this style of martial art is on the deflection of attack, disabling and controlling the attacks which come from in front of you. As an alternative of hitting on the head and face, participants direct punches to the solar plexus (below the sternum) which is a weak point in the body. This technique will successfully knock the air out of the attacker and hence disable him.

  1. Traditional Boxing

In this style no kicking allowed. Hence you have to be quick on your feet and sharp with your hands in order to keepthe balance. Normally, boxers are very lean, solid and tough. They aren’t as heavy or thick as body builders, as they heavily rely on their agility. Boxers are taught to protect their heads and to always keep their gloves up. This sport is a great outlet for discipline, fighting and conditioning.

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