Zeiss reading glasses

  1. Well-Tailored Fitted Clothing

Your clothes are considered to be fitted when they are nicely following the shape of your body without being either bulky and oversized or way too small and constricting. They should fit the width of your shoulders and the length of your arms. Make sure your clothes are not too tight or too baggy around your middle. Leave baggy pants to teenagers lacking fashion sense. Buy pants and jeans of appropriate length and size. You should not look like you are drowning in your clothes, but you should not look like you are borrowing your wardrobe from your younger brother either.

  1. Rolled Up Sleeves

Forearms are some of the most attractive parts of the male body. Rolling your sleeves up is going to accentuate them. Believe me, you could always use a casual sleeve roll. Fold your sleeve up once to just beneath the elbow.  Proceed to roll the bottom part once more up to the beginning of the previous fold all the way to hide the seam connecting the cuff to the general sleeve of the shirt. This style is often called “Italian Roll” and is one of the best-looking ways to bring attention to your arms.

  1. Glasses

Believe it or not, but nowadays spectacles are a fashionable accessory. Men and women wear glasses to add bonus points to their style. Thanks to the numerous eyewear manufacturers, everyone can find something to suit their personal fashion sense and facial features. Feel free to put on your Zeiss reading glasses when going outside! Make sure to get acquainted with the essential rules on how to prolong the life of your glasses. Clean them every day with a soft soap and a soft microfiber cloth. You also have to store them properly – keep them in a hard padded case with lenses facing down.

  1. Clean Shoes

It is important to keep your shoes clean. It helps you to look organized, attentive to details, and well-put together. Shine leather shoes after buying them and keep doing it on a regular basis. Using a wax-based product will help to moisturize the leather and avoid damage caused by water. Use a soft piece of cloth and a shoe brush to work in the product and polish the shoe up. For suede shoes use a special brush designed to remove dirt and dust accumulated on the surface. Make sure to clean only dry shoes and do it with the grain. It will help to prevent damage to the fabric.

  1. Rings

Unfortunately, for one reason or another, many men avoid wearing rings. Today one or even several rings can be a powerful fashion statement. You can choose from a range of shapes, widths, sizes, styles as well as materials. Rings will attract attention to your hands and make your movements more pronounced.

Stick to these simple recommendations to look stylish and attractive!

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