5 Best Restaurants in San Diego California

If there is one thing we all know about San Diego and Encinitas, it’s how well known it is for it’s savory eats and delicious food palette! San Diego has great food no matter what mood you are in, incuding casual dining to private dining. San Diegans are ecstatic about a good chicken sandwich, a delicious farm fresh salad, and the topItalian cuisine in California. Here is an insanely tasty list of some must-try eats so you stay local and enjoy San Diego’s fantastic culinary delight!

Bo-Beau kitchen + bar
A destination you can’t miss out on during your visit in San Diego, the food here will take you to a small village in South of France. While here, you’ll find yourself eating food that is completely shaped by its European influences with its sun-drenched vegetables and Mediterranean tastes. If you have been urging to try a good casual dining French restaurant in San Diego, then Bo-beau kitchen and bar is a must! It is located in Ocean Beach, and it’s secluded patio and lively bar will surely be a five star dining experience for you.

Snooze brings a unique twist to American breakfast classics! With their culinary innovation and friendly atmosphere, they bring a vibrant energy to the service they provide to their guests. With plates ranging from corn beef hash to any type of eggs benedict you can imagine, Snooze offers a fresh perspective on American breakfast.

Cucina Urbana
This restaurant and wine shop has a great design, including artwork covering the walls in graffiti forming slogans like, “Pentare globale, mangiare locale,” which is the Italian meaning of “Think global, eat local”. Cucina Urbana is the originator of their own Cucina wine retail shop, giving people who dine with them the choice of accepting the minimal corkage fee and enjoying their wine in house or hand picking their own wine bottle to purchase to go. Cucina Urbana takes a sustainable approach to their menu with their farm fresh, locally sourced, and organic products. This restaurant is a must-try for any Italian food lover.

Sushi Ota
Chef owner Yukito Ota has created delightful and inventive sushi rolls since he first opened Sushi Ota in 1990, bringing us what is known to be the freshest tasting fish in San Diego! Yukito Ota is from Japan and first fell in love with the art of sushi when he was as young as 13, when he discovered it in a TV show. Many who have tried it would agree that he brings the authenticity to his sushi rolls and you will really taste the essence of sushi rolls coming straight from Japan.

The lively atmosphere, specialty cocktails, and the innovative American style cooking that has been known to draw people in to experience social dining at Searsucker! This comfortable and electric space in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarters boasts a modern twist on American dining. Searsucker’s celebrity chef, Brian Malarkey, has impressed many with his creative twists to American classics, from Dr. Seuss inspired green eggs and ham to the chefs staple dish Shrimp and grits.

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