4 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Traditional While Avoiding Trends

While that boho-chic barn wedding you attended a few years ago was fun, now that it’s your turn to walk down the aisle, you want to do something different.

That vibe felt fresh and unique back then, but it’s pretty impressive how overdone it has become in just a few short years. Instead, you aim for your wedding to look and feel as timeless in the moment as it will when you show photos of it to your kids in 20 years.

Skip the rose gold details, save yourself the photo booth rental fees and, instead, focus on making intentional decisions about your big day based on what you want as a couple, not on what is popular. Here are four ways to keep your wedding traditional, while avoiding some common trends.

1. Lock Down a Chic Venue

Your venue choice really sets the tone for the overall style of your wedding. In that vein, aim for a spot that evokes a timeless, refined sensibility. A high-end hotel, local museum or an elaborate garden venue are all ideal options.

When avoiding wedding trends, you’ll want to shy away from rustic barn venues and popular modern hotels. Rustic weddings have become way overdone in recent years and are already seeming like a stale option. While a modern vibe may feel less passe, this style of venue features many of-the-moment modern flourishes that will likely look outdated in a decade.

2. Choose Elegant Invitations and Wedding Stationery

When it comes to selecting elegant wedding invitations and coordinating stationery, the key is to choose a style that allows the text to be the center of attention. To get away from some overblown trends, opt for a classic script font instead of a trendy handwriting-inspired font.

You’ll also want to shy away from selecting invitation designs that feature fussy accouterments or distracting photographs. Instead, let the details of your big day be the focal point. Keep the invitations as simple as possible in order to avoid any trends and achieve the ultimate traditional look.

3. Find a Timeless Dress

To look your best on your big day, aim for a wedding dress that’s timeless and transcends all the current trends. A white wedding dress is a crucial piece in creating a classic wedding, as many of the colorful wedding dress options will look dated 20 years from now.

So skip those strapless dresses with skirts so full that they’re impossible to move comfortably in. Additionally, avoid a heavy lace bodice, as this trend has been saturating the market in recent years. A figure-skimming silhouette in a simple sleeveless style is a classic choice.

If you’re unsure if a dress is too trendy, consider how many other similar dresses you’ve seen in numerous bridal shops. If there are many dresses with the same detailing or silhouette, chances are that it’s a trendy style.

4. Include Monochromatic Floral

Stunning flowers are a focal point in traditional weddings. To keep your florals refined, skip a multi-colored palette in favor of monochromatic arrangements. White floral displays are timeless and a perfect choice for a wedding.

Knowing this, avoid trendy florals featuring lush greenery and succulents. And skip the flower crown, a trend that has already been way overdone at weddings in recent years.

Create a Timeless Event

When planning a wedding, it takes much more effort to avoid wedding trends than it does to follow them. But if you’re committed to creating a timeless event, it will be well worth the extra effort. By carefully selecting an elegant venue, choosing simple, refined wedding invitations, finding a timeless wedding dress, and creating a classic monochromatic floral design theme, you can have a chic, traditional wedding that will look tastefully stylish for years to come.

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