4 Ways of Preventing Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections can cause you a lot of stress especially if you think that you have contracted a sexually transmitted infection. It is important to have a check up as soon as you suspect anything to ensure that you get the best treatment early on.

Ignorance is one of the things that hurt most people especially when it comes to their health. Whether it is with excuses or poor effort, exercise and healthy foods are not given that much attention. Having a catheter inserted in your urinary tract due to infections is not a fun thing. There is however some ways that you can use to prevent yourself from contracting urinary tract infections.  It could be due to some minor lifestyle ways that you lead or some overlooked things. Preventing these infections will help you to have a good and comfortable life. Rushing to the toilet all the time or even passing urine unwillingly is not that pleasant. There are a few things that you can do to ensure that you are free of all this, here are some of the ways you can use:

  • Proper Hydration
    The normal amount of water that a healthy person should consume in a day is about six to eight glasses. Water plays a very major role in your body, which is made up of a large percentage of water. If you want to avoid having a doctor poking your genitals with a catheter, it is time to become friends with water. It helps dilute your urine and make it less acidic to prevent it from hurting your urinary tract. Water will also cause you to urinate frequently which will help in ensuring that any bacteria lying around in the urinary tract has been flushed out. Other than helping keep your urinary tract clean and safe from UTIs, water is generally good for the body.
  • Proper Wiping
    Another important thing that some people are not aware of is the proper wiping –front to back- once you have used the toilet. Fecal matter contains dirt and other bacteria that the body is flushing out after the digestive system has done its work. If you wipe from front to back, you keep any bacteria from your fecal matter from reaching your urethra. When you weigh the two options between a catheter and proper wiping, the wiping wins since it does not require any specialties and it helps.
  • Avoiding Irritating Products
    Some women tend to use products such as deodorant sprays and powders in their genital areas to keep them smelling clean and fresh. Although it is good to maintain hygiene, these scented products are risky and could end up causing irritation in your urethra. Unscented soaps are also good for cleaning your genitals plus the vagina is designed to automatically clean it self. These irritating products interfere with the way that your genitals function.
  • Birth Control
    Like the catheter, there are birth control methods that go into your body –especially women, and it is important that you be selective and careful. The use of a diaphragm or unlubricated condoms can result to the growth of bacteria. There are also condoms that are treated with spermicides to kill the sperms for the prevention of pregnancy; these are also risky when it comes to UTIs.

A catheter works great in ensuring that you are able to get rid of urine especially when your body is not doing it voluntarily. However, with the few ways mentioned above you can completely avoid it.

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