4 Tips to Make Your Small Business Website Stand Out

Is your small business’s website not getting the traffic and customers it needs? In the digital age, a great website is more important than ever. If you’re stuck for ideas, or not the most tech-savvy, here are a couple of simple ideas to make your website stand out!

  1. Photography

The design of your website is vital. It will be what catches the eyes of potential clients and customers. One way to boost the visuals is to invest in some great original photography and video content. This is especially important if you are selling products, as good quality photos can be the difference between a sale a or a customer clicking away! Good photos will be high resolution and not pixelated, with great lighting, a good background and the products will be displayed correctly.

A professional photographer will be the expert at this, so have a look online and in newsletters and papers to see if there are any local to you. If this is out of your budget, or you would rather take the photos yourself, consider setting up your own home photo studio and investing in high-quality equipment such as cameras, lighting and backdrops, to make sure you are consistently taking high-quality photos to advertise your products best.

  1. SEO

SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization’, which is the process of ensuring that your website appears high up on the list of search results when potential customers and clients search for something you can provide. This can be achieved through using certain keywords and phrases in your copy, understanding your target audience, ironing out any website issues and creating solid content.

If this all sounds too confusing, don’t despair! Using a marketing agency that provides SEO services will give you access to the experts, and their knowledge and experience. This is a great investment, as you will reap the benefits of their work through the increased traffic, and therefore clientele, that access your business through their search results.

  1. Start Local

Checking out other small businesses in your local area is a great way to get to know your neighbors, and integrate yourself into the community. Have a look online at their websites, and if you need help or advice, don’t be afraid to ask for it! Every small business had to start somewhere, and they may be able to recommend services like photographers and videographers to help boost your site. Many areas also have online groups or email newsletter for their independent business community, so it is also worth asking around to see if there are any you can join. If not, why not start one up?

  1. Social Media

Within your website, it is important to have links to your business’s social media platforms. The world of social media can be overwhelming, and you may feel pressure to upload on every available account constantly. Think about which platforms best relate to and display your business, and also which ones your target audiences are most likely to be using. Just as with the website itself, the content and imagery on your social media needs to be high quality and consistent with that on your website. Using a social media management software will also help you keep track of posting schedules, which means that your business will pop up on your followers’ feeds, providing you with constant exposure and generating traffic towards your main website.


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