4 Tips for Planning Your Second Marriage

Your wedding should be one of the most memorable days of your life, and this should be no different for a second wedding. However, there are many aspects which you need to think about when planning your big day to ensure that it runs smoothly. If you want to start your marriage off with a bang in 2020, here are some top tips for organizing your wedding plan and ensuring that your second wedding is successful.

1.   Choose Your Budget

For most brides on their second marriage, they will want their wedding to cost much less than their first. The first step to do this is to set a budget as this will mean that your special day does not leave you penniless throughout your first year of marriage. Once you have created a budget, this will enable you to contact vendors that can cater to your financial situation. To construct a budget, you should consider every funding avenue available to you, such as bank loans and relatives. You also need to research the average cost of each element of your wedding, as well as the number of guests that you will need to provide for. This will then enable you to decide on the essential features of your event according to what you can afford.

2.   Book Your Entertainment

Your wedding entertainment should be one of the first elements of the day that you consider, as this can help to make your wedding an exciting and unforgettable success. To get your guests on the dance floor, you should consider booking an acoustic duo for hire in Melbourne, Australia. They will be able to transform your wedding by creating a romantic ambiance that will stick in your guest’s memories for many years to come and help you to have a fairy-tale first dance.

3.   Find a Location

Your wedding’s location can also make a difference when you are looking to make your day special, and this is also key to planning the date and your guest’s mode of transport. While there are many stunning locations that you can choose from, for those planning a second wedding, you may want to look further afield, with popular wedding destinations for older couples, including the Caribbean, Greece, and Cyprus. When securing a venue within this location, you should consider unique options, such as castles and country houses, which will allow you to feel like a princess at any age.

4.   Create a Guest List

Weddings should be a time to celebrate with friends and loved ones. Then, creating a guest list should be one of your priorities. This time around, you should try to be realistic with your guest numbers and only invite people who you want at your wedding. Although you might have had a seating plan at your first wedding, why not opt for a more informal approach by holding a cocktail or garden party that does not need a seating plan? This will allow guests to mingle with whomever they choose to, prevent disgruntled mothers-in-law, and reduce your stress levels.

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