4 Secrets to Success for Fashion Wholesale Clothing Distributors

If you are new to the world of fashion wholesale clothing distributors or you are planning to join the world in the near future, you know that it’s very competitive. So you want to get started on the right foot by knowing some secrets to success in wholesale.

Offer Great Specials to the Retailers

One way that you can encourage more sales is through offering retailers specials they can’t refuse. Have deals every day, every week, or every month. This will give you an advantage over the other fashion wholesale clothing distributors and move the merchandise more easily and quickly. Retailers are going to watch for the specials and love the additional savings.


Give Stellar Customer Service

When a retailer is looking for a wholesaler, they want to choose one that will give them the best customer service possible. They are more likely to come back to a wholesaler that is courteous and that is professional and willing to help them in any way possible. You should treat retailers with understanding and empathy, even when you have to sometimes refuse their requests.

Offer Discounts

Retailers love discounts when they are buying wholesale. Whether you are offering a first time customer discount to a new retailer or you are offering a discount if a retailer purchases, for example, belts along with your pants, there are many options. The retailer is going to remember that discount the next time they are looking for fashion wholesale clothing distributors and may just come back to you to see what else you can offer. That’s when you can offer a repeat customer discount.

Offer Free Gifts

Finding retailers who are willing to carry your wholesale clothing can be difficult. So in order to entice new retail customers, you can offer a free gift with the first order of new customers. The gift that you offer can depend on the size of their order. The bigger order, the better gift they receive. This will not only encourage new retail clients but will also encourage large orders.
You know that you have wonderful products and that retail customers are going to love them. You know that you are one of the best fashion wholesale clothing distributors. You just have to encourage retail customers to purchase your items and sell them in their stores. These four tips will help you to get started on your path to wholesale success.

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