4 Easy Steps to Track Your Child’s Phone

While we have given the liberty of using phones and the internet to children, most of the parents are really concerned about how they put it to use. Though the act of tracking your little one’s phone might make you seem like an intruder, it’s much needed to ensure their safety. We can never be sure about how honest kids would or would not be when we ask them about their phones.

Mobile Spy is here to strike off this problem from your list of ninety-nine problems in life! Just let your kid know about the app, and keep a track of what’s going on in his/her phone. All it needs is being installed on your kid’s phone. After that, you don’t need to keep accessing your kid’s phone to find out. Every detail will be sent to you on a private account. You can start using Mobile Spy by following four simple and easy steps.

Step 1- Purchasing the license

Since you are allowed to track no one else but your child’s or employee’s phone, you need to first agree and provide proof that you are the owner of the phone.  Once you are done with it, you can go about purchasing the software by going to the order page. Fill in the required details and agree to the legal requirements and provide billing requirements.

Step 2- Download and install

You will be given the license key through an email. This will let you create username and password for your online account where you want the tracked information to be sent. The email will also assist you through the rest of the process. Select the link on the basis of what phone you’re tracking (iPhone, Blackberry, Android) and you will get step by step instructions.

You have successfully downloaded the software on your phone once you follow the instructions provided. Now you can make changes in settings and customize the functions based on your requirements.

Step 3- Adjusting settings

This is a very easy step because you are just looking for what you want and are adjusting the functions based on that.

Step 4- Viewing activities

Now that you are through with the installation process, you can sit back and get all the information on your private account. Log in whenever you want to check! You don’t have to worry about the software as it is always operating in the background. Also, there’s an online control panel that helps you control various actions.

All of this comes at an easy price as compared to other software. You can also try the software for a period of seven days to find out how the software is. You can do so after you purchase the license. Instead of opting for “I already have a license”, you can choose “I want the 7-day trial”. This will acquaint you to the software and help you decide if you want to pay for the software. For more details, click here.

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