4 Career Paths for Athletes

If you have a love of sports and the athletic talent to match it, you may be considering what you can do to turn your passion into a profession. There are many paths athletes can take to find a successful, fulfilling career that they stick with for life. If you’re currently in high school or have graduated and are considering your next steps, here are some wonderful sports-based job roles that may be appealing to you.

1.   Professional Athlete

For most people with a passion and talent for sports, their dream is to become a professional athlete. Whether it’s competing in the Olympics or becoming an NFL star, there are many reasons why this career path is so alluring. It’s not just about fame and money, but the opportunity to become a role model for future athletes and earn respect from your peers around the world. However, not everyone makes the cut, and this career path is highly competitive. Playing sports at a collegiate level is a good entry into this career, as talent scouts often attend these games and seek out budding sports stars. You might want to consider a sports scholarship to help you get into a college of your choice if you’re concerned about funding. Get professional help from experts like ASM Scholarships who can guide you through the application process.

2.   Coach

If life in the spotlight doesn’t appeal to you, perhaps a coaching position is better suited to you. Becoming a coach to high-school students can be a very rewarding career, as you’re helping to teach them about the value of teamwork, as well as encouraging their talents. It is another good opportunity to become a role model for younger people, and you will be contributing to their education as well as keeping them fit and healthy. You don’t have to limit your coaching profession to high-school or primary education if those institutions don’t appeal to you. You could also become the coach to a professional sports team, or work in colleges with more mature students.

3.   Personal Trainer

Another good career option for health and fitness fans is a personal trainer. You could set up an independent business yourself or seek employment through a gym; either way, personal trainers are in high demand. Many people out there are looking to get fit, either for personal or professional reasons, but need help and guidance to do so. As a personal trainer, you can help people to reach their health and fitness goals safely, and it can pay a comfortable salary.

4.   Media Jobs

Many athletes turn to media-based jobs once they have retired from playing sports professionally. That said, you don’t have to be a professional athlete to secure this type of job. If you are interested in combining your love of sports with media, you could become a sports journalist or broadcaster, a TV or radio sports producer, photographer or editor. It is worth keeping in mind that you may have to study a relevant media course if this is a career path that you’re interested in taking.

There are many career options available for athletes. Some are more challenging than others, but if you’ve got talent and a passion for sports, you should be able to find something you love.

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