3 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

An ultrasound scan involves delivering sound waves at a frequency that is high but with strength that is low through the pregnant abdomen of an expected mother womb. When they encounter the internal areas such as placenta, the uterus, along with the fetus these ultrasound waves bounce back are felt by the reader. The number of waves that bounces right back varies as numerous surfaces are encountered by them. The advice gotten may produce an image of the fetus and its surroundings that displayed on the screen of the monitor. The picture generated by the sonography may be used to examine the growing and development of the infant together with quantify its dimensions. The ultra sound scan also can be used to discover fetal defects including (Spinal Bifida), Down symptoms, heart anomalies, cleft palate as well as a few bodily malformations.



The technology of ultra sound scan is an excellent thing. That is especially true for a mother awaiting the arrival of her infant. There’s nothing like seeing your child before they can be even born. Pregnancy can be a hard time of waiting, and wellness difficulties can make this wait actually harder. It’s a time of preparation for the new person in a family. A mom wants to have every-thing prepared for his or her new addition so they appreciate learning this new existence and can provide them with the greatest.

While you may not notice a lot in pregnant 3 days, ultrasound, it really is nevertheless a good start because you will start to see changes afterwards until the final stage of the pregnancy. You may find several modifications in the following days as you may see the speck become a baby that’s not unready to survive outside the uterus. You’ll know the normal changes in life, when this occurs. It truly is fascinating to find the changes from the start to the finish.

Why 3 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound is required?

                Just found out im pregnant and now you want to confirm your pregnancy;

To women who have an AFP, serum screening or nuchal translucency scan result which indicates an increased risk of Down’s syndrome or spina bifida;

When an ultrasound scan detects an abnormality which is associated with a genetic disorder;

When a woman’s past or family history suggests that there may be a risk of her baby having a genetic or chromosomal disorder such as Down’s syndrome.

It should always be performed using ultrasound to check the position of the baby and placenta. Whilst continuing to scan with the ultrasound probe, a fine needle is passed through the wall of the abdomen into the amniotic fluid which surrounds the baby. A small sample of this fluid is drawn off and sent to the laboratory for testing. Most women feel only mild discomfort.

While you may not see a lot in 3 weeks pregnant ultrasound, it is still a good start because you will start seeing changes subsequently until the final stage of the pregnancy. You will discover many changes in the subsequent weeks as you will see the speck develop into a baby that is ready to survive outside the womb. When this occurs, you will know the natural changes in life. It is exciting to see the changes from the start to the finish.

After having 3 weeks pregnant ultrasound, you may not observe anything special but it’s always good to have this scan in order to check the development of fetus, especially when you have a history of miscarriage or any other health issue.

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