3 Reasons Why people Own Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

Most people wear jewelry on a daily basis but do not actually know the significance of the impeccable pieces. This habit started many years ago with the earliest ancestors. The first jewel piece was found 75 thousand years ago and was made of animal products i.e. bones, teeth, shells, feathers, hide etc.  Let’s explore the true meaning of jewels by Elizabeth Cole.

  • Self – expression

As someone’s social status rises, they start realizing their true identity and unique personal styles.  Jewelry is one of the means for expressing personality style as it lets the world know more about a person. A small piece of jewelry can say a lot about a person’s age, social class, family, wealth, and sex. There are many designs of Elizabeth Cole earrings such as colorful, understated, simple, delicate, expensive, or sophisticates, all which carry different meanings. Every design that is worn projects a particular message to the word, voluntarily or not. In essence, they reflect one’s personality and values. They not only represent a character but also express feelings without words.


The colors and symbols can let others know the wearer’s emotions and gestures. One type of self-expression is wearing religious necklaces. It shows how much one is devoted to their religion and it also helps the wearer to build faith in their divine connections.

  • Enhancing social status

High self-esteem fulfillment is something that most people desire. This is because a huge social recognition builds someone’s confidence and increases success rate. In the past, those who wore jewels were perceived to be pioneers, innovators, and successful artists. This increased their status quo in the society. As technology advanced, more ornaments emerged and the importance of jewels changed from simply denoting creativity to expression of success and richness. Wealthy people in the society, even today, buy the most decorated and ornate pieces of jewelry. This need for showcasing wealth is related to attracting partners in life since most people would love to be associated with rich partners. People of high social status are known to give expensive jewelry to demonstrate love and financial abilities. While social status is about wealth and skills, it also denotes social affiliations to particular groups in the society. For instance, certain university organizations wear the same pieces to show solidarity. This satisfies the need to be associated with particular people. This is also evident in true friendships and couples who put on Elizabeth Cole bracelets with half hearts to demonstrate a sense of belonging and loyalty.

  • To please potential partners

Every person in this world has their own social needs such as the desire for romantic relationships. Naturally, there are things humans do to attract opposite gender and one of them is dressing sexy. Like the colorful peacock feathers, jewels are attractive and they decorate an outfit to draw attention from potential mates. So, it won’t be wrong to say that a spectacular pair of Elizabeth Cole earrings is designed to beautify a lady and increase her sexy appeal. There are some body parts which when adorned with jewels, give a strong sensual connotation e.g. belly rings which draw attention to a woman abdomen, a long necklace that accentuates a woman’s breasts, and earrings that direct men’s eyes towards the beautiful face of a woman.

There are many answers why people like Elizabeth Cole adornment pieces. According to the hierarchy of needs, people have various levels of wants that require satiation for them to be completely fulfilled in their lives. The basic level is physiological needs like food and shelter; safety falls under the second level; and the third class of needs are considered luxurious and that is where jewelry comes in.

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