3 Reasons Why Facebook Selected Office 365 for Their Office

Office 365’s popularity is rising at a consistent pace. It is being adopted by small and large businesses alike for office applications. You can access your documents on your desktop, laptop, tablet and iPhone in a seamless manner at any time and from anywhere. The multi-platform support and multi-browser support facilitates Facebook to seize the opportunity to choose Office 365 as its office application. Facebook has decided to use Microsoft’s Office 365 minus Yammer and Skype applications.


  1. Power to share

Facebook is used by more than 1 billion people on everyday basis. Facebook has realized the enormous potential of Office 365 to share docs with one another by users. There are about 13,000 employees who are spread across the world. By choosing the Office 365, it facilitates its employees to choose the most appropriate device and platform to be more productive. Employees will be able to work from anywhere by offering the most efficient communication platform. With the collaboration with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote from desktop, mobile device and the web, users will be able to work together and share files and photos.


  1. More connectivity

In addition to the other productivity and collaboration tools used by Facebook, Office 365 will also be used so that there will be great efficiency and enhanced connectivity. As a matter of fact, Facebook is developing ‘Facebook at Work’ service which will be used by its employees internally. However, email and calendar functionalities are not served by its proprietary application. Hence, some services from Office 365 are used by Facebook so that the needs of the organization will be fulfilled very efficiently.

In addition to the support obtained by classic applications such as word, excel and PowerPoint, users can take advantage of new features presented by Delve. They will be able to handle relationships with colleagues in a very efficient manner. The Delve can track the time spent by employees on collaboration.


  1. Enhanced business security

There is great need for enhanced protection of mobile devices. If the mobile device is stolen, the data present in the mobile phone has great threat to the business than the cost of the mobile phone. While maintaining the productivity on the top priority, Facebook should balance the business security as well. The business security is greatly enhanced through the Office 365. The comprehensive cloud platform meets the high standards set by Facebook. As the software can be deployed globally without any issues, it is also possible to get support from any Facebook mobile platform. The productivity of a Facebook employee will be very much enhanced by using the powerful capabilities of Office 365.

To help Facebook to generate more value, it should implement useful features and services offered by Office 365. When the software application is used along-with Facebook tools, employees will be able to access more specific information in an effortless manner. There might be cooperation between the two companies, Facebook and Microsoft to further integrate innovative services so that the addition of value will be greatly enhanced.

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