3 Reasons to Deal Directly With Wholesale TV Distributors

Everybody likes to get a good deal, whether they’re a personal shopper or a corporate customer, and one sure-fire way to get a bargain when shopping is to buy in bulk. The idea of buying televisions in bulk is probably not something many people will ever need to worry about, but hotels, hospitals, schools and many other similar institutions are perhaps more likely to purchase them in large quantities for their many rooms. So what’s the best approach? Should you place a large order in the electrical department at your local department store, or cut out the middle man and deal directly with wholesale TV distributors? Give the latter option some serious consideration – you might be quite surprised by some of the benefits!

 Lower Prices

When you pay retail prices for televisions, or any electrical item for that matter, the ticketed price is comprised of many different factors, including the cost to make the item, the profit that the store makes, and GST – to name just a few. On the other hand, wholesale TV distributors buy in bulk directly from the manufacturers and then sell bulk quantities onto retail chains, small businesses and other organisations that might require larger quantities. Buying in bulk enables distributors to sell at lower prices than retailers while still making a tidy profit themselves. Everybody wins!

 Greater Range of Products

Wholesale TV distributors have the ability to deliver a wide variety of television makes and models than what some smaller retailers are capable of carrying, whether it’s due to lack of physical floor space, lack of demand for a certain brand, or an increased demand for other forms of entertainment. Warehouses and the wholesalers who operate from them have the necessary physical floor space and the ability to sell a far greater range of products, significantly broadening your options.

 Qualified Advice from People Who Know What They’re Talking About

One of the big differences between dealing with staff in a department store and dealing with wholesale TV distributors is that department store staff don’t always have the product knowledge that you as a customer might be seeking. Some might be students working a casual job while they’re studying, while others might be staff members from a completely different department filling in for a sick colleague for the day. On the other hand, wholesale TV distributors specialise in this field. They keep their finger on the pulse of changing technological trends while learning the features and functions of their existing makes and models. You can trust that they’ll listen to your needs in order to provide you with the most suitable product.

In Summary

If you’re looking to buy a single television for the house, then by all means go retail. You’ll likely get the service (and after-sales service) you need, as well as a quality product at a competitive price. But if you’re looking to buy televisions in bulk, such as for a hospital or hotel, then the benefits of dealing directly with a wholesale TV distributor simply cannot be overlooked.

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