3 Important Options to Consider If You Need to Replace Natural Teeth

You are not among the fortunate few who make it into their retirement years with a full set of healthy teeth. Now that the time is here to think about replacements, your dentist will want to discuss all the options with you. Here are the three that the dental professional will want to discuss first and some of the benefits that come with each choice.


Dentures are among the oldest options for replacement lost teeth. Unlike some other options, dentures can be fitted for just about everyone. As any of the Tower Hill Dental dentists in Richmond Hill will explain, the process begins by creating a cast of your gums. The goal is to make sure the denture plates contour to the shape of the gums perfectly. The result is a fit that is snug but comfortable. Many people find that if they take care of the dentures and use the right type of adhesive, it’s possible to enjoy years of use before there is a need for a new set.


Dental implants are a more contemporary approach and one that is ideal for many people. With this approach, there is the need to assess the bone structure of the gums and jaw. That’s because implants are designed to fit into the gums rather than encompass them. Once the implants are in position, they are fitted with caps designed to match the scale and shape of real teeth.

Many people prefer implants because they do not require using an adhesive. They are permanently in place and can be cared for using many of the same techniques that apply to real teeth. Your dentist will provide instructions about what type of brush to use and even whether or not to include floss in your daily dental care planning.

Unlike dentures, implants are made to last for a long time. Some people keep the same implants for the rest of their lives. Should you crack one of the caps, it’s simple enough to replace it with a new one without having to do anything with the underlying implant.

All on Four Implants

One of the latest innovations in dentistry is known as the all on four. This approach calls for strategically placing four implants into each gum. A denture plate is adhered to the implants and creates what looks like a complete set of healthy teeth.  Unlike older approaches to implants, it’s possible to finish the process in a matter of hours or days instead of weeks. That one aspect alone is making the all on four option increasingly popular with patients who have excellent bone density and structure.

Your dental professional will work with you to come up with the best solution. Feel free to ask questions and listen closely to the answers that your dentist provides. Once the choice is made, it will only take a short time to begin the process and ensure you have a smile that looks better than it has in a long time.

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