3 DIY Woodworking Projects for Garden Furniture

Even if it’s tiny, a garden can be the perfect spot to spend time resting and relaxing. To help you get the most out of this space, we have come up with three simple, fun and affordable projects for garden furniture. You can do these by yourself with a few tools and experience the satisfaction of working with wood to create something for home.

Many of us spend a lot of time indoors in school or an office, most of it in front of a computer or with a smartphone in hand. The result of this is higher levels of stress and fatigue. When it finally comes time to unwind, nothing beats being outdoors.

DIY Wood Pallet Garden Bench

Having a comfy piece of outdoor furniture to sit on and lean back should be on the top of your list. It’s perfect for relaxing, reading a book, or even taking a nap. A good looking bench that fits into its surroundings doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. In fact, it can cost very little. What’s more, by going down the DIY route, you can custom design it so that it fits like a glove into your space.

Wooden pallets can be found on every corner for a few bucks and put together with basic tools and techniques by anyone. Despite that, they can be a great addition to your patio or garden with the use of some colorful paint and cushions. Making furniture from pallets can also be a starting point before you move onto more complex projects and better tools.

DIY Wood Pallet Coffee Table

After a bench, the next thing you’ll need is a table to place your books, drinks, and other necessities. Once again, we can take advantage of pallets and make another piece of outdoor furniture with reclaimed wood. It’s a great opportunity to save money while learning new skills.

We have found a coffee table project that includes wheels for added mobility, and some storage space underneath. As always, these plans can be changed according to your specific needs, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Making modifications doesn’t have to include only things like height and width, but looks as well. You can choose many different finish options and apply them with a brush or in spray paint form.

DIY Wood Pallet Deck Chair

To complete your set of DIY garden furniture, you’re going to need a few chairs as well. Keeping the theme going, we’ve found another project that uses recycled pallets and keeps costs down to a minimum. This deck chair project comes with hand rests and a comfy sitting angle. With some paint and cushions, it will look good in any outdoor space.

Remember to use these plans as a starting point, and don’t hesitate to change something to get what you need. For more height, you should consider adding bracing between legs. You can also extend the back further up to support your head or change its angle for a more relaxed sitting position.

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