3 Cool Things to Do Online When You’re Bored

You’ve checked your emails, scrolled through Facebook, tweeted about your boredom, and taken a selfie for Instagram. Has it got rid of the boredom? The fact is that we spend far too many hours online doing the same old thing over and over again but take little time to think about alternative online activities that can smash boredom. The internet is more loaded than ever with cool activities and resources that are being overlooked because it’s simply too easy to click open a social media app again. If you’re bored of being bored, and your Facebook feed is as tired and tedious as always, here’s what you should be doing online instead.

Watching Cool Videos

From YouTube and Vimeo to the mighty Netflix, never think that watching videos means mindless, passive viewing. Find the right YouTube channel or Netflix listings, and you might not only slay boredom but learn something in the process! No matter your hobbies or interests, you can be sure that there is a YouTube channel that seems designed specifically for you. You should also subscribe to the updates of the streaming services that you use so that you know just when the latest films or TV shows have dropped. Start thinking about the types of videos that you want to watch and start looking for them instead of tweeting.

Play Some Games

Whatever type of games are your favorite, you can be sure that there is an online version. You don’t even need an Xbox or PlayStation to play online, and you can even use your phone if you don’t have a PC or laptop. You can try out the WikiGame if you’re with others (where you pick a starting point and then have to make it to a finishing point by only using the links on the page), or even try to win some money by using online casinos. Choose the smart option of using freeextrachips.com, and you’ll get a comprehensive list of casino sites that let you sign up and get free spins without having to pay any kind of deposit!

Read Books or Comics

Comic book movies are bigger than ever, and that has led to millions of people looking for the comics that feature their favorite characters. You don’t have to spend thousands on a new comic collection when there are so many resources available that will let you read comics for free. ComiXology is the most popular site for this, but they do have a limited selection of free comics to read, and you’ll have to pay for newer titles. If comics aren’t your thing, then there are also plenty of eBook resources available. Look at sites like:

With so much free reading material available, you’ll never run out of new authors to explore! Don’t forget that even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can always download the Kindle app to your phone and get access to even more online books.

There’s nothing quite like the frustration of being bored, but in a connected world, there is no end to the activities and fun that you can have online. Stop checking your social media accounts for five minutes and start thinking about all of the fun you could be having instead.

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