Manscaping is both a very important part of your grooming routine and an art form. Shaving seems to be the easiest and the most affordable way to get rid of the unwanted hair; however, some parts of your body should never be subjected to this method of hair removal.


  1. Eyebrows

If you were unlucky enough to grow a natural unibrow you are aware how unattractive and messy it is. The society at large says you should eliminate the excessive hairs on your forehead, and we completely agree; however, shaving might not be the best choice. The results are rather short-lived and can make your situation worse in the long run. Even though it is a known fact, how shaving does not change the texture of the hairs, it still can make them appear thicker. Opt for plucking or threading the offending patch of hair.

  1. Butt

The fur on your butt is not all that attractive, my friend. You know it, we know it, and your significant other knows it; therefore, there is a pressing need to get rid of it. Consider purchasing a trimmer specifically for your body hair instead of using a razor. You can use it on the setting of choice and crop the hairs on the area as close to the surface as possible. It won’t get rid of them completely, but it will spare you some suffering. Ingrown hairs and razor burn are not the most fun thing to deal with. Especially not on the area, on which you tend to sit for hours on end.

  1. Lower Region

If your partner wants you to completely “deforestate” your family jewels, you might want to try to convince them to settle for the trimming. While it is completely okay to shave the pubic area, and the worst you can get from it is a venereal disease-like rash, we would not recommend shaving the scrotum. You can if you are extremely skilled in the area and you know how to avoid razor burn. If you are not, though, you might need to make peace with the thought of just taking the main bulk off.

  1. Back And Shoulders

Repeat this: I SHOULD ALWAYS SHAVE MY BACK AND SHOULDERS. Done? Now do it once again: I SHOULD ALWAYS SHAVE MY BACK AND SHOULDERS. There you go. Remember this mantra and stick to it on a weekly basis. If you ever decide you don’t want to get rid of your body hair, make an exception for this area. It does not look appealing, and it certainly takes away from your appearance. No one will ever consider you a well-groomed gentleman if you have bear-like fur all over your torso. It might be okay for your chest, but it’s not okay for your back.

Well, these were 3 body parts you should never shave and one body part you should never skip shaving. Take note, we don’t say you should not manscape these areas. We are simply recommending choosing other options.

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