3 advantages and disadvantages of iPhones

When we talk about advantages and disadvantages, it’s related to everything. Everything is flawed in one or another way because it has been made by man. There are some pros and cons of iPhone too, which are discussed in detail:


1.      Powerful battery:

The biggest advantage of the iPhone is its battery. It contains Li-Pohand-apple-iphone-smartphone 2915 mAh battery (11.1 Wh) inside it, whose power is beyond your imagination. It gives you more talk time and you can use internet on your phone without having the stress of losing your battery. Comparatively, when you open the internet on simple android phone, it will suck your battery in a few minutes and rings the battery low alarm. Another benefit is that you can actually get your iPhone insurance from different companies. They will provide different packages related to your iPhone.

2.      Payment through phone:

This is the main difference you will find in the simple phones and iPhones. IPhones will give you the extra advantage of getting your payments through the phone. Whether you are buying something from somewhere, it will help you get it instantly. You can just pay from your iPhone directly and enjoy the item.

3.      Perfect camera:

Although there is not much difference between an android phone and iPhone, but it contains more applications than android phones. It has a perfect camera to make selfies and videos. It provides you with different frames to take your pictures and get them through filters. It can actually freeze your moments. It has a perfect Hi-tech camera to do that.


1.      Non removable battery:

Do you know iPhone battery is non-removable? Yeah, it’s a big negative point. Although it is very strong and powerful, but what if you need to replace it? You can’t even do that. Whether your battery is in good condition or not, you have to use it in the same way. You don’t have the option to do that. The other thing you can do in order to replace your battery is replace your iPhone.

2.      High price:

The biggest disadvantage of the iPhone is that it is higher in price. Simple,smart phoneis easily affordable by people because of their low prices, but the iPhone. They are only found in the hands of businessmen and their family members. Normal people don’t prefer to waste that much money on just a phone. Due to its high price, many people who want to buy it can’t do that.

3.      No dust/water resistance:

The iPhone has another disadvantage that is, it does not have any resistance to dust and water. Suppose if you accidently drop your iPhone in the bath tub, don’t even think it will work again. In the same way, if you are planning to go to a desert to spend your holidays than don’t even consider taking your iPhone with you. It does not have any dust resistance and you will end up with a wasted iPhone.

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