2017 Best Instagram Advice To Gain Followers and Likes

Over the past couple of months I have done research online through several different marketing companies to see which method works the best. The main objective of the long and extensive research is to find out if there is a way to gain real instagram followers and likes. I am not talking about those service that offer fake followers to your Instagram account, I am talking about the real deal!

I was a mission to find out the best and most non-expensive way to gain more Instagram followers.


How To Organically Gain Instagram Followers

Here are some of the methods I found that will increase your followers base

  • Create an Instagram account with good content

Make sure that your Instagram has lots of good content. People will add you to there followers list if your account is worthy enough to receive followers. You will need to use very high quality picture as well, as people love good photos.


  • Find The Best Times To Post On Instagram

I found this article on Hootsuite explaining the best times to post on Instagram so you can receive the most amount of traffic. Most of the population works a 9-5 job, so the best times to post would be around 11am and 5pm. Those are the best times to post because in the mornings around 11am people are just about to go into lunch and everyone checks there instagram. In the evening 5pm is the ideal time to post because most of the working population is finishing work.

The most effective ways to find out what time works for you is to do some trial and error. For the next 3 days try and do different times to see which time slot gets you the most amount of Instagram likes and followers to your posts.


  • You have to be consistent with your posts

The more posts you make the more easier it will be for brands to notice your profile. The magic number for me is uploading 3 pictures a day (Morning, Afternoon and Evening). Whenever I post my picture or video, I then make sure to head over to vivalikes. This service is not like the others that offer fake followers and fake likes to your post, putting your account at risk. They offer likes from real Instagram profiles that are active. You will need to register on there website so you can have access to your Instagram Likes dashboard. They have a video explaining how to register and add money into your account. When you are ready to buy real Instagram likes to your post you will need to do it in this sequence:

  1. Post your picture or video on Instagram.
  2. Make sure to download the tags for likes app that can be found at the app store.
  3. Chose the best the top 10-15 tags that will go with your post.
  4. As soon as you post make sure to add 3000-4000 Instagram likes on your post through Vivalikes.
  5. Buying Instagram comments is very useful as well and will give your post that big boost to make the top 10.
  6. You will notice in the next 15-20 minutes you will start receiving new ORGANIC Instagram followers.

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