2016 Toyota 4Runner Review

The SUVs market is very volatile, and consumers get a variety of options to buy their favorite cars. Toyota’s 4Runner is one of the best options a user may consider when purchasing strong vehicles for the long travelling. It is one of the best vehicles Toyota has offered for its consumers. 4Runner is one of the best cars and recent launch of 2016 model with few up-gradations has further enhanced the expectations of the customers. Though the upgrades are very minor but it makes huge impact on the performance of cars and these upgrades includes addition of mobile phone navigation system, enhanced audio system and bigger towing capacity in all the models of 4Runner.

Toyota 4Runner

SUV market is very competitive and buyers are more concerned to buy Off-Road vehicle that is more fuel efficient and smaller in size. Fortunately, 4Runner has come up to the expectations of the customers, and it has maintained its reliability with off-road capabilities. You get everything in 4Runner SUV including mud guards, optimized transfer case and skid plates that make it a fantastic choice for off-road models.


It has powerful engine that makes it easier to drive off-roads with 4L V6 270 HP engine with automatic transmissions with five gears speed transmission. It offers capabilities of rear wheel drive and with the all-wheel drive system. The 278 lb-ft torque engine makes it standard 4×4 vehicles that drive well on the off-road.

Towing Capacity

Toyota 4Runner has huge towing capacity that anyone expects from a SUV. Both of its version SR5 and Limited can tow up to 5000 pounds using the right equipment. However, the trail can pull somehow lower at 5000 pounds.


It has exceeded the expectations of the buyers with its perceived performance. It covers 60 miles per hour while running in 7.8 seconds which is quite useful. However, at high speed vehicle has poor fuel efficiency. It has per gallon consumption of 18 to 19 miles on rear or all wheels model drive. Fuel efficiency is one of the issues with big sized SUVs and it lost its fuel economy with crossovers when compared with full-sized SUVs. 4Runner gives its best performance on off-roading and has better class than other vehicles of its class. Driving on-road lacks little in performance and that’s the area where it requires little improvement. The car transmission is smooth both on and off road but makes noise on highways.


It has very striking and appealing exterior to make it favorite SUV in the segment. Design and interior quality is very good. Safety system, comfort and entertainment are all part of this vehicle. With the recent integration of smartphone and navigation system, it is spacious and excellent car for the whole family.

4Runner is a better choice in its segment and capable of on and off-road for the long distances. Get the Toyota 4Runner between the price $33810 to 42125 with the variations of models.

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