10 Ways to Improve your Photography

Do you have a DSLR camera at home? If yes, then just open up your cupboard and take it out, we will discuss some great ways to be a good photographer and with these tips one can make money by selling the pictures. The tips that have been penned down are basic and you might think, “I had these tips in my mind”, but as a matter of fact, if you had the knowledge that can help you earn some bucks by selling photos through creative marketplace such as Etsy, then why wasting time and not using a gadget that can generate some extra cash for you?

  1. Try taking Picture Everyday

Practice makes a man perfect, the saying fits best here and if you are capturing pictures everyday even if you do not have your DSLR with you and use your phone camera to take pictures then it is certain that you would develop skills of a great photographer. Overcoming your fear is one thing that you would achieve by taking pictures each day and you would not be afraid of the outcome, even if the images turns out to be bad, do not stop taking pictures.

  1. Keeping a camera in a bag that you carry

It is not hard to carry a small camera in your bad that you carry to your office or college. You may get a cheap camera of any famous brand like Canon or Nikon etc and keep it with you so that you never miss any moment that can be saved in a camera. The idea is to recognize the moments/scenes that are worthy to be captured.

  1. Reading Camera Manual

Reading a camera manual is not at all interesting, the best way is to read the most important things that you need to know about your camera and then you could browse internet and specially watch some amazing tutorials on Youtube, I am sure you would not have to get back to your camera manual, but no one can deny the significance of a manual since you might to find a tutorial of the model that you have.

  1. Advisable to make notes

It is advisable that you make notes or put some sticky notes on your camera so that you do not forget doing something that may lead to a bad photograph, for example, setting up an appropriate ISO value is necessary when you photograph and majority forgets to set it up just after they switch on their cameras.

  1. Changing angles

People normally take pictures from the normal height level and do not experiment with the angles like if you  go down on your knees or jump over a heighted place to take pictures then you would be amazed to see the difference between a normal picture and one with a different angle.

  1. Practice metering

The term metering is something that a beginner must be aware of and we are not going into its detail.  A photographer should have a good control on the exposure levels of the image, practicing metering would help you take a picture that you have in your mind.

  1. Knowing focus modes

A beginner would always capture images on autofocus mode but keep in mind the best images are always gained when you decide what part of the frame to be focused and this is only possible when you have a good command on the focus of your camera.

  1. Learning from others’ work

You may browse internet and check out the images of famous photographers and find out where you lack and what makes their work outstanding. You can question yourself, for example, what images do you like? What images do not grab your eyeballs? How would you improve? Please make sure that you learn from others’ work but do not copy anyone if you wish to stand out the crowd.

  1. Using tripod

This tip is something basic but using a tripod would be helpful for you and any beginner who wishes to capture nice pictures. The tripod reduces the possibility of an image to get blurred by slight movements, therefore, always use a tripod if you frame objects that are not moving.

  1. Reading Photo books

You may get great help from books and websites. The books are always available that are for the beginner photographers and you can get nice tips from the books like you are reading this article and would end up with some cool ideas for your next day, so always read and populate your shelf with books written by good writers.

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