10 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About DIRECTV

Making a choice to buy a TV service has turned increasingly more complicated in recent years, there are countless options that usually catch the eye of the consumer. There is no guide to how to go about choosing the best choice for TV these days, of all the options we have perhaps the most popular one is still satellite service. But with the new wave of internet programming services, many of these companies that offered satellite TV have been slowly disappearing into oblivion. If to that you add the increasing lack of knowledge of this service, you get customers who prefer to go for the safe bet which is getting any of these internet services instead of a reliable satellite TV service.

We will take you through one of the most expected roller coasters in the year, a place where gloves are off between this company and the rest of the competition. It’s time for DIRECTV to be completely honest about the service they provide, our review should be more tan enough to convince people to buy their service.

Clearing Doubts About DIRECTV

This is where one of the most popular satellite TV companies comes into play; there are many misconceptions people have about DIRECTV and what how it still impacts consumers’ lives in a strong way. Businesses that compete with DIRECTV often pay marketing campaigns that attack the competition; this is a well-known tactic that all enterprises use to gain more customers and even steal them from their rivals. DIRECTV’s philosophy is very different from that; they focus only on improving their flaws and staying at the top of the food chain when it comes to the satellite TV business. This company has managed to remain at the head of the charts and has even managed to adapt to new technologies, regular customers need to realize that DIRECTV is one of the best choices they can make regarding choosing a TV satellite service.

But many customers have their doubts, and that’s completely valid, we’ll take a look at the most common things that people get wrong about DIRECTV as a service. We’ll clear up any doubts the regular customer has about this service; we’ll tell them what’s real about the rumors they usually hear from people or read on the many unreliable Internet sources out there. At the end of this article, we are confident that you as a customer will have a better and more realistic idea of the service that DIRECTV provides. This article will help you make sure if all the myths and rumors are true or not.

Learning About the Common Misconceptions One by One

1. The all-inclusive Fee is Confusing

While there may have been a slight confusion not too long ago with the DIRECTV package prices that were labeled as all-inclusive, the company has managed to fix its problems. Customers were often confused with the pre-existing pricing because they included many confusing extra fees that got a lot of customers angry, the endless DVR fees, receiver fees, and many other senseless extras were eliminated recently and stopped costing any money. This means that the listed prices online are exactly what you will pay depending on the type of service you choose. Kudos to DIRECTV for being able to handle these problems and for no longer confusing their customers.

2. A Competitive Sports Package in Paid Programming

DIRECTV even has its channel that is entirely dedicated to sports; they have a massive team of journalists that cover all the major events in the sports world. They recently gave full coverage to the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship between Vladimir Klitschko and Anthony Joshua for example. They are also present in European football, the top tennis competitions, and many more events. This only gives their coverage much more relevance when anyone is choosing a package. DIRECTV doesn’t have a competitive sports package, that is a total misconception. DIRECTV has the best sports package in all of the paid TV companies.

3. They Have Some of the Best Entertainment Channels

This is also false, DIRECTV packages have the best entertainment channels in the market such as HBO in all its form of paid television, the Showtime channel, the Starz channel, the FX channel from FOX, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. DIRECTV always worries about having the best selection possible, and currently, they do

4. A Certain Package is Enough for Your Needs

This is a complete misconception because there are up to six different DIRECTV packages that the customer can choose from, the Entertainment package is only the second most affordable one in their options. The other packages have many channels others don’t. If you are a big sports fan, then this package is for you. However, if you are a big movie person, maybe other packages such as the Extra or the Ultimate could be a better option that can cover your needs. The Premium channel also has a full HD sports bundle and the other leading exclusive channels such as Starz or Showtime. The bottom line is that the best DIRECTV package is directly related to the needs of every customer.

5. DIRECTV Doesn’t Have the Best HD Package

In other deals on the market, the rumors say that other companies have the best HD channels and packages. But DIRECTV has been famous for always being up to date technology wise; this is not the exception because DIRECTV has the widest variety of channels designed for all tastes. HD television in the company has many variations that suit all needs out there, but DIRECTV has the best plan without question. With today’s technology, you can now enjoy watching your favorite sport; you favorite TV series, your favorite movie, or even your favorite nature channel in the best possible image quality you can think about. If you have a 4k screen, even better. We dare you to try other HD services in television today; there is a high probability that you will come back to DIRECTV with a better idea of which HD service is the best on the market in America. This quality may change in other countries, they actually do have some fantastic deals in the UK but the best choice you can make when getting a new service in America is the United States DIRECTV package.

6. DIRECTV Has Quick Service When You First Order It

This is certainly an understatement, the company has made sure that in the past couple of years, the time they take to respond for an installation doesn’t take more tan 24 hours. Unlike many other companies that take days to send a professional, DIRECTV always has people driving around as many neighborhoods they can cover to respond quickly. This has given them the fastest response any cable or satellite TV company has in the country.

7. The Equipment is Difficult to Operate

Whether is the DVR or the small recorder, DIRECTV has a pretty standard operating system that is very easy to use. Rumors linking a complicated new device are completely false, Both the Genie Mini and the Genie DVR have pretty much the same types of benefits in programming and recording capabilities. They both have 200 hours of HD recording capacity and 800 hours of standard quality capacity. You can see both pictures down below.


8. They Have a Poor Customer Service

In recent times there had been a customer service that could’ve been considered under par, but the company took a turn for the better and started listening to all their clients’ complaints. While the direct service from any device is just as obsolete as any other company, the telephone service they have has dramatically increased in recent years. It doesn’t matter what DIRECTV package you have, the specialized employees will always answer your every doubt and solve your every doubt in the fastest way possible.

9. DIRECTV has a Bad Reputation With Clients and Rivals

Although this used to be a certainty in the past, DIRECTV’s human resources department has managed to establish a particular active dynamic through a new implementation of rules in which they teach every worker the value of excellent customer service. They have also started programs in which they receive proper compensation for good reviews from happy customers, this has helped the dynamic inside the company and boosted a whole new behavior which has uplifted the company to new performance levels. During the obscure years of the company, there were many complaints about the poor service they gave both on the phone and in person, but the new policies have sparked a whole new work ethic throughout the company. Today, DIRECTV ranks third as one of the best-paid TV businesses in the country.

10. Equipment Installation Costs Extra

This is a common misconception because other companies usually don’t have control of the professionals who install the client’s equipment in their homes. At DIRECTV there has always been a certain sense of cooperation and service culture that very few other tech companies have in the satellite TV business. Installation should always be free of charge in this company and any other. In other companies that we won’t mention here, their third world country counterparts don’t have the same kind of control they get in the United States. In many cases, professionals who come and install the service to these homes don’t get very well paid to risk their lives and go up to the ceiling to install a satellite.

Now before listening to the rumors and myths about the new DIRECTV service, first make sure the source where you got that information is reliable, and you can prove it. If there is no proof of the accusations all you can do is sit back and accept that studies based on established evidence are the best way to go about having an opinion about this service. These are only some of the misconceptions surrounding DIRECTV that we hope to have cleared for you.

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