10 Questions to Your Potential Lawyer

If you need to hire a lawyer, then most often you can expect to be offered free first consultations and visits. This is why it is the best time to decide whether you like a given candidate for cooperation: firstly, you don’t pay for it; secondly, you can ask him or her any questions to evaluate his or her professionalism. For this reason, we offer you 10 most important questions to ask your potential lawyer during the first meeting.


  1. Time of operation

First of all , you need to find out whether a give lawyer is a newcomer to the field or a veteran. Experts from Torontodui.com advise hiring lawyers with at least 5 years of experience if you have an unordinary case.

  1. Cases

You should find a professional who will be able to deal with your specific case. This is why you need to ask whether a given lawyer has worked with cases similar to yours.

  1. Typical clients

In this respect you need to find out whether a lawyer specializes on individual or corporation cases. If you have a case of an individual and a lawyer is more familiar with corporate issues, then it might not be your best choice. Furthermore, this question should clarify whether an attorney works more with high net-worth individuals or college students’ cases.

  1. Similar cases

Every case is undoubtedly unique, but charges often repeat themselves. This is why it is advised to choose a lawyer who has already won several cases similar to yours. This is a standard question, so do not be ashamed to ask it.

  1. Knowledge and training

Being a lawyer implies having a degree, but it is always a great advantage if a professional has undergone some specific trainings and gained knowledge in the field before getting behind the desk. This specific training demonstrates not only knowledge, but also some additional experience in the field.

  1. Cost

This is a common issue for people hiring a lawyer because in most cases such services cost pretty a lot. Ask your potential attorney about the total cost and additional fees. Then inquire whether some part of your case will be held by the paralegals. In case you have budget issues and the case will be under paralegal control for some time, you can always ask for some discounts.

  1. Case winning strategy

If you want your case to go mild and easy, then the ‘shark’ strategy might not be right for you. When you hire an attorney, you need to ensure that you both want the same and by similar means. So make sure you know the winning strategy of a given lawyer.

  1. Any others ways of solving the existing legal problem

Sometimes you case does not necessarily need to go to the court. But you will never know it unless you ask your lawyer, says professional attorney Jeffrey Mass. Do not feel ashamed of asking for any other ways out when discussing your case. Most lawyers will know at least a general strategy for its solving and can offer you some other options.

  1. Communication

Make sure to understand how you two side communication will proceed after the first meeting because you, undoubtedly, want to be aware about the progress of your case.

  1. Likely outcome of the case

Of course, no lawyer will tell you the 100% outcome of your case, but you can always ask about your chances.

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